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Attending Dark Site Viewing Sessions: 

Any use of the dark site has to be notified to either of the Dark Site coordinators.  Any members using dark site for the first time have to be accompanied by a committee member and for safety reasons there has to be a least 2 members on site at any time. 

The Dark Site has its own email viewing group to avoid bombarding every member with unwanted emails. If you are a group member and get 'the call' email asking if you are interested in viewing on a certain 'promising' night (usually at short notice), PLEASE reply to the email if you might be interested in going.  

This doesn't have to be a commitment, just an expression of interest in that viewing session.  ONLY the members of the group who REPLY get the follow up emails - again to cut down on unwanted emails. 

If you wish to put your name forward to join the group, either email Dave Williams or put details on list at the next meeting.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Observatory Site Rules and Dark Site Directions

Observatory Rules

  • The location of the Dark Site is restricted to members and their partners and close friends.  The site is always referred to as the "Dark Site" to protect its whereabouts.
  • When you reach the observatory, you MUST sign into the visitors book in the portakabin.  This is necessary and for use if there is an emergency situation.
  • There is a policy of NO smoking anywhere on this site.
  • White lights (e.g white light torches) must not be used at observing sessions unless in an emergency. Cars should be parked in the main parking area at the bottom of the access lane adjacent to the club house.
  • The dome and its telescope MUST only be used by those who have been given the combination lock details, and have been trained, by a member of the ESAS Committee or Observing Committee
  • The organiser is responsible for updating the Observing Log on ESAS Google Docs.  This should give the date and time of dome use; what was observed and what issues they had with the dome, portakabin and main 16" telescope.
  • All persons attend at their own risk and neither the Society nor landowner can be liable for any damage, injury or loss incurred by the visitor.
  • All major events involving larger groups of members MUST be arranged via the site co-ordinator, to ensure agreement with the landowner.
  • The farm gate MUST be left open when on site BUT closed and locked by the last person to leave. Please car share where possible to minimise vehicle noise and movement at site.
  • Courteous behaviour and consideration must be observed at all times, particularly in minimising noise when entering and leaving site
  • Disposable plates and cups should only be used on site.  The meeting organiser is responsible for removing any rubbish from the site. and leaving the dome, portakabin and caravan in a clean and tidy state for the next user.
  • Any problems with the site or equipment to be reported to the Dark Site Co-ordinator.  If this is not possible please contact the Society Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.

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May Meeting:
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Other Meetings:
Egerton Park Indoor Bowls Club,
Egerton Road,
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(Meetings: first Thursday of each month [excl. Aug] 8-10:pm)


ESAS is a registered charity No. 1110848
HMRC Gift Aid No. XT19893