ESAS Past Officers

Honorary President
Sir Patrick Moore CBE, HonFRS, FRAS
Honorary Members
Rosemary Selmes (4th February 2010)
Lester Selmes (4th February 2010)
Andy Lawes (2nd September 2010)
Executive Committee & Trustees
Year Chairman Secretary Treasurer Deputy Chairman
2017/18 Doug Edworthy Kay Hunting Dave Williams Vacant
2016/17 Andy Lawes Alieen Francis Charlie & Gloria Kite Albert (Paddy) Hamilton
2015/16 Andy Lawes Aileen Francis   Paul Foster
2014/15 Andy Lawes Aileen Francis Angela Gardner Paul Foster
2013/14 Andy Lawes  Terry Larkin   Vacant Paul Foster 
2012/13 Lester Selmes Andy Lawes Rosemary Selmes Paul Foster
2011/12 David Pulley Simon Allen Andy Lawes Chris Woodcock
2010/11 David Pulley Simon Allen Andy Lawes Chris Woodcock
2009/10 David Pulley Simon Allen Andy Lawes Chris Woodcock
2008/09 David Pulley Simon Allen Andy Lawes Chris Woodcock
2007/08 Lester Selmes Simon Allen Andy Lawes Chris Woodcock
2006/07 Lester Selmes Simon Allen Dave Wright Andy Lawes
2005/06 Andy Lawes Simon Allen Dave Wright Lester Selmes
2004/05 Andy Lawes Simon Allen Dave Wright Chris Woodcock
2003/04 Andy Lawes Simon Allen Dave Wright Marcus Croft
2002/03 Andy Lawes ? ? ?
2001/02 Andy Lawes Marcus Croft Dave Wright Phil Marston
2000/01 Andy Lawes Marcus Croft Sarah Dowsett Doug Hastings

Helping ESAS

ESAS prides itself in being a members orientated society.  It is a society run by its members for its members and all of our members are welcome to assist in helping our Society in achieving its aims and objectives.  There are many tasks, large and small, where you can help ESAS and the amount of time you give is entirely at your discretion.

For those members who have a little more time you might consider joining one of the ESAS committees and take the opportunity to help shape the future of our Society.  Our Executive Committee is elected each year by our members at our AGM.  There is also scope to become a co-opted member of the Executive Committee. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Executive Committee you will need to (i) be 18 years of age or over at the time of the election (ii) be a member of ESAS at the time of the election and for the previous twelve months (iii) be not barred from acting as a Director of a company and (iv) download and complete our Nomination Form and return it to the our Secretary, at least four weeks before the next AGM. The Society's governing documents are our constitution and the Charity Commissioners Trustee guidance documents listed below.  Lastest versions of the Trustee documents can be found on the Charity Commissioners website.  The versions below are current at spring 2016. 

(i) The ESAS Constitution

(ii) It is also advisable to read The Essential Trustee: What you need to know. What you need to do  (2015)

If you have any questions about helpng our Society please speak with the Society Secretary, Treasurer or Chairman who can provide you with more information.  Their details can be found here.